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Custom Quad Jam Skates


Use this form only if the roller skate and options you want on your RollLne® or other plate are NOT available on the skate shopping pages. If you do not see the options or features you want on this form, just ask for them in the additional info box. We can get most accessories that are suitable for various roller frames plates and boots. If all parts are ordered from our stores, free shipping will apply to the total unless the shipping address is outside of the continental United States. Overseas shipping is not free.  Any items that we get from other vendors will be marked up to cover any extra shipping that may apply. There is an assembly fee in our quotes.

We do have access to Riedell and some other quad jam skating brands.


For custom graphics on your boots, please send a sample with the information below to


This is not a final order – just your request for pricing and timing.

No fees needed at this time.

Thanks! Message sent.

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